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Light Flicker Meter Lighting Passport Smart Spectrometer

Light Flicker Meter - Lighting Passport PRO Smart Spectrometer

The new and improved Lighting Passport PRO offers an affordable, compact and lightweight solution for measuring light flickering and is a perfect for LED lighting.

The Lighting Passport is the first smart spectrometer on the market. It connects to your smart devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phones and tablets) via Bluetooth Technology allowing rapid real-time remote light measurements. With the release of the new PRO model in early 2016, the device now includes a flicker sensor (+/- 5% accuracy) providing flicker frequency (5-200 Hz), flicker percentage and flicker index readings. With a starting price of $1,295, it represents an affordable solution for high-performance light flicker measurements.

The Lighting Passport is more than a light flicker meter, it can also measure more than 90 different lighting parameters. Click Here for the full specs, and to learn more about the device.

Lighting Passport Flicker Meter
Lighting Passport Flicker Meter and Spectrometer
Flicker Sensor (+- 5% accuracy)
Flicker Frequency (5 – 200Hz)
Flicker Percentage
Flicker Index
Measures more than 90 other different lighting parameters
Full Spectrometer: CCT, CRI, Spectrum, CIE 1931, CIE 1976, TM-30-15
Handheld, portable and connects with most smart devices
Starting at

Lighting Passport Light Flicker Meter FAQ

What is light flicker?
Light flicker can be described as a sudden, unsteady and repeated change in light intensity.

What are the main causes of flickering lights?
Supply and power line voltage fluctuations, a loose light bulb or faulty connections/switches can all cause flickering of lights.

How can I measure light flicker?
The best way to measure light flicker is with a professional-grade flicker meter, such as the Lighting Passport smart spectrometer.

Is light flicker dangerous?
According to recent studies, light flicker can lead to negative health effects such as eye discomfort and strain and headaches. Click Here to read our tech note on human centric lighting and learn more about the health effects of light flicker on the human health.

What is the Lighting Passport flicker sensor accuracy?
The device offers a +/- 5% accuracy.

What are the light flicker unit-of-measure provided by the meter?
The device supports flicker frequency (5-200 Hz), flicker percentage and flicker index.

What are the proposed new requirements for flicker in the 2016 Title 24 Codes & Standards Enhancement for residential lighting?
< 30% percent flicker at frequencies less than 200 Hz.

How much does the Lighting Passport PRO cost?
The Lighting Passport PRO smart spectrometer starting price is $1,295 (Essence PRO model). The Standard PRO and Flagship PRO models are sold for $2,295 and $2,795, respectively.

Can I measure light flickering with the non-PRO Lighting Passport models?
No. Only the Lighting Passport PRO, released in early 2016, offers light flicker measurements capabilities.

Which smart device application should I use to take my measurements?
Spectrum Genius Mobile and Spectrum Genius Essence can be used to visualize your readings.

Where can I buy your light flicker meter?
You can purchase the Lighting Passport PRO online here.

Lighting Passport Flicker Results
Figure 1: Results Screen of the Lighting Passport Smart Spectrometer
Lighting Passport Smart Spectrometer