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Lighting Passport Gatekeeper

Lighting Passport Gatekeeper

The Lighting Passport Gatekeeper is a powerful spectrometer designed for quality control and batch testing in lighting production lines.

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Easily and rapidily analyze the quality of any type of light

The Lighting Passport Gatekeeper spectrometer offers everything you need to generate fast and detailed inspection reports and control the quality of your lighting products in your production line.
Lighting Passport Gatekeeper
Spectrum Genius Gatekeeper

Powerful PC Software

Spectrum Genius Gatekeeper PC Software connects to your Lighting Passport Gatekeeper and allows the analysis of your data by using your own customizable filters.

The ultimate tool to control the quality of light sources

The Lighting Passport Gatekeeper spectrometer is the most versatile tool for batch testing in the lighting production line.
Industrial-Grade Design
The new Lighting Passport Gatekeeper is stronger and more durable than any other Lighting Passport model on the market.
Industrial Connector
The IP67 industrial-grade USB3.0 connector is fast and steady for rapid and stable data processing.
User-Friendly Software
The UI of the PC Software, Spectrum Genius Gatekeeper, is practicle, user-friendly and easy to use.
The Lighting Passport Gatekeeper spectrometer has a measurable illuminance range from 20 to 200,000 lux.
Lighting Passport Gatekeeper
Ingress Protection
Rated at IP54, the Lighting Passport Gatekeeper is designed to operate in harsh environment.
Easily Generate Reports
Save your records, export them as .CSV files and easily generate and print reports with the powerful PC software.
Quality Check
The Gatekeeper is the perfect tool for the lighting production line with binning and pass or fail functions.
PC Control
Measure multiple light sources semi-automatically and precisely. Develop your own unique script with the flexible SDK.
How it works
Install Spectrum Genius Gatekeeper
The PC Software, Spectrum Genius Gatekeeper, allows you to control your Lighting Passport Gatekeeper spectrometer and display your results.
Connect your Lighting Passport Gatekeeper
Connect your spectrometer with your PC using the fast and steady industrial USB connector.
Take a measurement
Measure and test the quality of your lights for parameters including CCT, CRI, R1~R15, Spectrum, TM-30-15 CIE1931 and CIE1976.
Lighting Passport Gatekeeper and Spectrum Genius Gatekeeper

Lighting Passport Gatekeeper Specs

Discover all the key features of the Lighting Passport Gatekeeper and how it can help you increase your efficiency at work significantly.
Size Width: 110 mm
Depth: 29 mm
Height: 65 mm
IP Code IP 54
Net Weight 350 g
Wavelength 380 ~ 780 nm
Illuminance Range Measurable: 20 ~ 200,000 lux
Reliable Chromaticity: 200 ~ 200,000 lux
Output Wavelength 1 nm
Optical Resolution(FWHM) 8 nm
Repeatability (2σ) x, y ︰< 0.001
Accuracy(@ 10,000 lux Standard Light Source) x, y :± 0.002
Illuminace:± 3 %
CCT:± 2 %
Integration Time 6 ms ~ 16 s
Operating Temperature/Humidity Range 0 ~ 35 °C, relative humidity under 80% with no condensation
Storage Temperature/Humidity Range -10 ~ 45 °C, relative humidity of 85% or less (@ 35 °C) with no condensation
Measurement Mode Single, Continuous
CRI Re(R1-R15)
Illuminance (20 ~ 200,000 lux)
Foot Candle
CIE 1931
CIE 1976
Peak Wavelength (λp)
Dominant Wavelength (λD)
SP Ratio
Spectrum Diagram
Key Features
(1) Multi CIE 1931 Display
(2) Multi CIE 1976 Display
(3) Multi Spectrums Display
(4) Multi C78.377-2008 Display
(5) Multi IEC-SDCM Display
(6) Coordinates Display
(7) Zoom In/Out
(8) Normalized Spectrum
(9) Light Source Benchmark
(10) Print Report (Company's Logo)
(11) TM-30-15 Diagram
(12) Q1~Q15
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Lighting Passport Gatekeeper
NEW Lighting Passport Gatekeeper
  • Includes Spectrum Genius Gatekeeper PC Software
  • 20~200,000 lux
  • 1 Year Warranty
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Drawings and Documents
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