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Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting

Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting

Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting is the ultimate horticultural grow light monitoring application for your Lighting Passport smart spectrometer.

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Easily analyze any type of light from your smart device

The application offers everything you need to evaluate, select and monitor horticultural grow lights, including a diary to monitor the daily growth of your plants.
Agricultural Lighting Measurement
Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting and Lighting Passport
How it works
Download & install the app
Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting is available on iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for FREE with the Lighting Passport Standard PRO and Flagship PRO. Visit the App Store or Google Play.
Connect with your Lighting Passport
With the powerful Bluetooth technology, connect your Lighting Passport spectrometer with your smart device and easily record precise real-time remote light measurements.
Take a measurement
Measure everything you need to know with Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting including PPFD, YPFD, Effiency (%), R/IR, DLI and much more.

Five meters in one powerful app

  • PAR meter
  • Lux meter
  • DLI meter
  • R/IR & R/B meter
  • Spectrometer
Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting Results

The ultimate tool to monitor grow lights

Combined with the Lighting Passport spectrometer, Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting is the most versatile tool to improve your growing efficiency.
Within a second, precisely measure the quality of your lights including the PAR Spectrum, PPFD, DLI, and much more.
Manage your horticultural activities more efficiently using the reliable readings from the Lighting Passport and SGAL.
Use the unique and intuitive Diary Mode to monitor the daily and weekly growth of your plants.
Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting App Highlights
Spectral Genius Agricultural Lighting makes it easy to save and import your records.
Easily compare two different grow light sources with the powerful comparison tool.
Share your measurements via your favorite social media including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and many more.
Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting PPFD Zoom

Analyze your readings for each wavelength

Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting allows you to evaluate your measurements, such as the PPFD, for each of the individual wavelengths from 380 nm to 780 nm.

Choose your PAR reference spectrum

With Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting, you can easily create and import your own PAR reference spectrum, or pick one from the continuously updating built-in library such as McCree's action spectrum, DIN, Chlorophyll A, Chlorophyll B, β Carotene, Chlorophyll F, Phytochrome PR, Phytochrome PFR and Medicinal Plant (Cannabis).
Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting PAR Reference Spectrum

Study your data within individual spectral range

The intuitive application offers the flexibility to easily analyze individual spectral range from 380 to 780 nanometer, such as IR, red, green, blue and UV.
Spectrum Genius Agricultural Wavelength Range
Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting Platforms


Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting and the Ligthing Passport smart spectrometer are compatible with Android 4.4+ based devices, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5C/5S, iPhone 6/6+/6s/6s+/SE, iPod Touch 5, iPad Mini/Mini2, iPad 3, iPad Air and later versions.
Spectrum Genius Download App Store Spectrum Genius Download Google Play

SGAL Specs

Discover all the key features of the app and how Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting can help you produce indoor plants with higher efficiency.
Measurement Mode Diary, Single, Multiple
PPFD (400 nm ~ 700 nm)
PPFD IR (701 nm ~ 780 nm)
PPFD R (600 nm ~ 700 nm)
PPFD G (500 nm ~ 599 nm)
PPFD B (400 nm ~ 499 nm)
PPFD UV (380 nm ~ 399 nm)
YPFD (400 ~ 700 nm)
YPFD (400 ~ 700 nm)
YPFD (380 ~ 780 nm)
YPFD R (600 ~ 700 nm)
YPFD G (500 ~ 599 nm)
YPFD B (400 ~ 499 nm)
YPFD UV (380 ~ 399 nm)
Original Spectrum
PPFD Spectrum
Weighted Spectrum
Efficiency (%)
Illuminance (lux)
Peak Wavelength (λ)
Dominant Wavelength (λD)
CRI (Ra)
CIE 1931/CIE 1976
Key Features Photograph, Note, Auto Correction, Data Comparison, Smart Pass, Absorption Spectrum Reference, Import Refrence Spectrum, Social Media Integration
Language English, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Lighting Passport Spectrometer

The Lighting Passport is the world's first smart handheld spectrometer. It measures more than 90 different lighting parameters and is compatible with most iOS and Android devices.

Meet some of our customers

Thousands of lighting professionals around the globe trust the Lighting Passport smart spectrometer and Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting.
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Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting Hydrogarden
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